The Silent Chamber is a visual documentary poem and installation about death. It is set in the Nordic landscape and its form is inspired by the musical form of variations. The film is framed by the inevitable death of the director’s grandparents; someone is always left behind alive trying to come to terms with death – but is this ever possible?
As installation The Silent Chamber is exhibited in an anachoic chamber with scenes looping on opposing screenes. 



The Kid and the Clown (2011) 

An vital relationship develops between the cancer ill boy Tobias and the hospital clown Angus during Tobias' 20 months of treatment. This bond of closeness, humor and play turns out to be valuable for both the kid and the clown in their fight against cancer. 
Produced with support from The Danish Filminstitute and TV2.
Vimeo code: kidandclown
Keep In Touch (2008) is a partly virtual and partly real-life installation made for the Tagging Art exhibition Virtual Moves at The National Gallery of Denmark and the virtual reality space Second Life.
The installation brings into focus contact and control relations between people. The video clip is a part of the installation and was one amongst other video clips featuring a man stuck inside his own eye where he is trying to get out, cleaning or showing other reactions. The video clips were screened on a VR bubble screen which attached itself to avatars visiting the installation. In real life they were screened on a semi-transparent screen in connection to a projection of the Second Life installation. 

Code TROFAST pilot, is the presentation of my personal story about CIAs network in Denmark. Under development with Bullit Film producer Vibeke Vogel. The Vimeo code is trofast12345












"I am not I" (2007) is a documentary poem about being an "I", but not necessarily feeling like that "I" or one single "I".