Keep in Touch, 2008

Keep In Touch was a partly virtual and partly real-life installation made for the Tagging Art exhibition Virtual Moves at The National Gallery of Denmark and Second Life. 
The installation brings into focus contact and control relations between people. The video clip was a part of the installation.
The installation is partly sponsored by glarmester Snoer.
Tagging art - organization for moving images, was founded in 2007 by Anne Holmfred, Annette Finnsdottir, Iben Bentzen and Ida Grøn. Tagging Art is now run by Anne Holmfred, Ida Grøn and Elisabeth Cederstrøm. 


A Tagging Art exhibition in the virtual world SecondLife and at the Danish National Gallery.
Exhibiting artists: Nis Rømer, Linda Hilfling and Christopher Gansing, Mogens Jacobsen, Sachiko Hayashi, Jan Northoff, Maria Lavman Vetö, Annette Finnsdottir and Ida Grøn

I am not I, 2007


A visual poem about being an "I", but not necessarily always feeling like that "I" or one "I".

MADE IN VIDEO - International Festival of Experimental Video, 2006

Sep. 7th - 10th 2006, Copenhagen. Focusing on the way contemporary artists use video as a medium to approach political and social problems from new angles.
The group Chamber of Public Secrets founded, organized and curated the festival together. Besides this I was sponsor-raiser and responsible for Sterling, Canon, ClearChannel, Mercur Bank and Metro. 
The festival was supported by Københavns Kommune and Kunststyrelsen. 

Doc_U_Egg, 2005 for Netfilmmakers, 2005

A visual document reflecting over a frying egg. Made for

TV TV - editorial group: Chamber of Public Secrets, 2005-2006

Editor/Photographer for Chamber of Public Secrets on the independent TV-station TVTV 2005-2006. Photographer for the independent TV-channel "Kvinde TV" ("Female TV") 2010.