"Følg Mig", sæson 2, TV 2 Play/Koncern, Posttilrettelægger

A tv-series for TV2 Play, following the lifes of five different Danish influencers. 

"Kør for Livet", knæk cancer, TV2/Koncern - tilrettelægger-VJ

Charlotte Korshøj and Morten Henriksen enter a challenging and entertaining journey when they together with 48 former and present cancer patients climb Mallorca's mountains on bike. There is a lot to overcome inside and outside. 

For Grim til Kærlighed, DR3, 2018, tilrettelægger-VJ

Julies body is deform and everywhere she comes people send her strange looks. She finds herself repulsive and has a hard time believing that any guy can fall in love with her. Therefore its not easy when she is head over heels in love with her good friend Tobias. But its summertime in Randers and Julie cannot and do not want to hide herself or her feelings anymore. 

SORT ARBEJDE - docu soap TV-series for DR - tilrettelægger-VJ

The TV-series of 8 episodes follow the Nigerian couple Loveth and Collins as they strive and work hard to make their small cleaning company "Perfect Service A+" grow bigger than the leading Danish cleaning service ISS. 

Tell Me Why I am Single - TV-series for Channel 5 - VJ

VJ/Tilrettelægger on episode 9 of the TV-series Tell me Why I am Single for channel 5, Denmark.  Produced by STV.

TV TV - editorial group: Chamber of Public Secrets, 2005-2006

Editor/Photographer for Chamber of Public Secrets on the independent TV-station TVTV 2005-2006. Photographer for the independent TV-channel "Kvinde TV" ("Female TV") 2010.