Stay Behind - My Grandfather's Secret War

When Stay Behind - My Grandfather's Secret War was broadcast on DR1 primetime, May 2017, it created a lot of attention in the Danish national press. The film gave a rare insider view into a secret CIA network of civilians in Denmark during the cold war. The Danish society and international relations is put into perspective through this network, which until recently have only been subject for speculations.
Watch the full cinema version and hear director Ida Grøn tell the larger story around and behind the film as well as the making of the film. How did her father and her get hold on the story? Probabilities, concrete traces and knowledge.
The film and talk always foster a lot of questions from the audience and debate about the fundament of our society today; if the secret service is a neccesity for our democracy?; how family life and the larger political interweave; why is it important to know our history?; doublelife and family life. The talk is open for questions. 

"The Kid and the Clown"

- Film screening and talk by director Ida Grøn
A burning desire to focus on the importance of presence, humor and play in relation to the quality of life and health, made me spent 2 years this one hour film: The Kid and the Clown. 
The Kid & the Clown is about the importance of qualitative values ​​in general rather than serious illness specifically. 
In this talk I tell the story behind the scenes. About the choices and dilemmas, I as a documentary filmmaker face when filming something so vulnerable that reality creeps under the skin.
"A grand event, which we afterwards received many positive responses on - both in terms of the film and your fine story on the making of the film. It was great." 
Skagen Libary 2012.

The Poetic Documentary

How do you work artisticly and poetically with hardcore research?

Ida works from a filmic ideology about passing information on beyond the normal decoding system of the analytical intellect.

During this talk she shows clips from her films: The Silent Chamber, The Kid and the Clown, Stay Behind - My Grandfather’s Secret War and her work in progress “The Medium”, while talking about how to transform research to poetry and feeling; thoughts and methods when working with ones own family as material.

“Ida has a special ability to combine research and artistery to captivating mix of documentary and art on a high level”, Aarhus Film Workshop wrote.

The Ultra Short Documentary

- Lecture and workshop by Ida Grøn


A hands on participatory lecture and workshop introducing students to the craft and art of the ultra short documentary.

The students are given inspiration, small tasks, a step by step guide for pre-production, production and post-production. Finally the students are mentored in making their own ultra short documentaries. 
The lecture and workshop will be based on the students level, and is determined on active involvement of the students. 


Documentary narratives and forms

- Lecture by Ida Grøn

The lecture introduces students to different forms and narratives of documentary films - and the following effect.